Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Review

The Labo Variety Kit truly shines in the building of its appetizer platter of complex cardboard toys. It can be tedious at times, though never too challenging. But if you have creative kids…


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  1. Ign: this is a poorly put together review.

    Piano studio is why you go back to it.

    The motorcycle level creation is why you go back to it.

    The garage is significantly more powerful than the credit you give it.

    No? Once you catch one fish you didn't catch them all?

    On the house there is a collection room to sustain all of the things you have collected and you unlock more games with the different colors you make your guy.

    You very clearly didn't test anything beyond getting the projects built.

  2. How about having someone who's less of a boring individual review something that encourages creativity? "Building is tedious and boring". Okay… "There's nothing more to do with the piano than composing songs… ". How about trying to compose a song and play it in the review? No? Too boring for you? Could be fun? No? (Does it have a step sequenser? How does cutting out and scanning waveforms work?) "toy con garage … It's to early to tell what the community will come up with". How about coming up with something yourself? No?

    Why is this guy even the nintendo editor? How about having a nintendo editor that appreciates new and creative ways to play games? Isn't that a huge part of what nintendo is about? Also, he doesn't even know that much about nintendo.

    Maybe labo doesn't succed in what it's trying be? But Filip is to boring and restricted to be the judge of that. (He seems like a nice guy and he's an okay host)

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