Crypto News: Ethereum and Ripple Securities? NANO updates, Institutional Bitcoin Increases

Crypto News: Ethereum and Ripple Securities? NANO updates, Institutional Bitcoin Increases.

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  1. Another good video Elliott. It really does just blow me away that the key is still selling for below Ico prices. How is that even possible?!

  2. What's up Elio eos is going main net soon what are you thoughts on it? Have you done a video about eos yet? If not would you please 🙂 keep rocking the FUD nation homie!

  3. Thanks for another great vid.

    I wonder how many sphincters puckered up in bank boardrooms around the world today, as news of the $99 million LTC transfer hit the presses. Whenever I think of the banking sector now, I can't help but visualize the two old farts in "Trading Places".

  4. Your optimism for the upcoming security regulations puts me a little more at ease, hopefully the space can come to terms and continue to grow and move forward.

  5. Hey there. Question about the new Amazon AWS blockchain as service. Amazon crushes other businesses in areas it enters. Which cryptos do you think are in danger? Supply chain tokens? Coins that help businesses get onto the blockchain like #SimpleToken? Others? Am I wrong in thinking this is huge news both good and bad?? And in general I'd love to hear your thoughts on how easy or difficult it will be for huge corps to roll into and disrupt crypto businesses. TY and really enjoy your videos!

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