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Say goodbye to credit scores! CryptoCurrency Blockchain credit reports with Spindle ICO Crypto!
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  1. I hope they don't list on Waves. Waves is a coin killer. They're about to cost me 14 grand in gains today. They don't process sell orders, even though they say they do, and I've been waiting for 7 days for ONE sell order of just $150 to go through. What sucks for me is that I had taken the plunge because a bunch of people swore by it. They say large orders take longer but they didn't say how much longer. I think a week for less than $200 is absurd. Fat chance I can get my $14000 for today's moonshot.

  2. My credit rating isn't great. Maybe this is a good thing. 😛

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  3. Boom, Sup Max aka (compania here via twitter) This is interesting and I see potential here indeed. Great approach as well! Awe$$ome Giveaway my friend!

  4. Did you say a custom leather Lambo? I really like what Spindle is working on, sounds like an amazing project!
    LTC Wallet Address: LZUvcnCGNc4Jeho7wgrZjGDwuHTR6RDtFm

  5. ETH is pumping right now. This can be taken out by a bank or something.


  6. looks quite interesting and has quite many things to be done. not so much for this year long term holding.

  7. I Like spindle has a great idea and something i would look into. It would be a great tool for noobs like me.

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