Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Why We’re Excited

Alanah and Sydnee got to check out Shadow of the Tomb Raider at an event recently, and it explores some pretty intense new themes. Shadow of the Tomb …


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  1. Two things i want to see the manor fully restored as a playable level, if its part of a DLC thats ok i loved Blood Ties and two the twin pistols must return even its like later in the games plot.

  2. I don’t care much for this rebooted fake Lara ‘Laura Croft’ a mass murderess with no time for tombs. Definitely not the Lara Croft that I know and love that current preposterous take on a so called ingenue young Tomb Raider has become since the franchise crossed the pond, to be grossly mischaracterised. The jarring dichotomy between the cut scenes and boring mow ‘em all down Hollywood cypher with the incessant noise of way over the top gun play, has stretched the ludo narrative dissonance way beyond breaking point!
    Gone ‘darker’ you say? How is this unrelatable and unlikable caricature ‘Laura Croft’ supposed to transform into the Lara Croft I once admired and respected, that was seen to be protecting the tombs artefacts and herself from predators and evil doers? The witty, smart, intelligent, sassy, classy, adventurer, skilled archaeologist and Lady of the Manor. Who, in previous games, if you bothered to play them, had absolutely kept her plundered artefacts secreted about her Manor House. After chucking all the old water out, time to put this baby back into the bath?

  3. Oh come on Square Enix. You invited one hundred journalists to play this game. Why not release 5 minutes of gameplay now instead of making us wait until E3 where it will be eclipsed (lol get it?) by many other games

  4. The thing about modern gaming is people are expecting sequels to be built from scratch like they used to be. The reality of that expectation is the final product is generally a rehash of the last iteration, with tweaks and enhancements and small tasteful additions

  5. lara's face looks more guy-like the never. it's hideous.. and somehow is ever uglier then her face was in rise of the tomb raider

  6. The past two Tomb Raiders were excellent. Shadow sounds like it will be even better quite simply from the Trailers and other info.

  7. In one of the original tomb raider games there was a secret room in croft manor with some of the artifacts she had collected over the years

  8. Lara already acquired an underwater breathing device in last game, now its taken away again ? Its same BS when she had to relearn same skills in RotTR that she already learned in 2013 reboot…

    Are the developers really this dumb ?

  9. "Oh yeah! A new Tomb Raide-…"
    (sees the regional pricing on Steam)
    My title – Shadow of the Tomb Raider : How SE killed all my excitement

    I bet few Australians can relate to AAA pricing ;_;

  10. "Im really into like.. the mayan history and i hope its like.. integrated into the final product"

    Oh really? The game thats set in mayan ruins? You hope theres mayan stuff in it? Please…. tell us more……..

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