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  1. It's a space sim, and he's complaining it's not all fun all the time.

    I kinda want to see what he thinks of eurotruck or farming simulator.

  2. boring stretches??? does this guy reliesis that if he's bord he could go to a rival super power and start blowing every thing up. i recommend that sens he seems only interested in action

  3. Thanks for the info. Based on this review I won't bother trying to get into this one. It's a few years old so something better will no doubt come along, hopefully a game that you don't have to sit on-line for hours, wasting data, waiting for something to happen.

  4. FINALLY dumped all unnecessary equipment, repeated the below, THEN it got good, wanted after wanted, Kill after kill. $350.000 bounty 6 kills. Bigger better ships than my one…. NICE 🙂

  5. Get there 18 scans of wasted time 1 wanted…. Ready Aim and POWER LEVEL EXCEEDED !!! A non shooting combat game !!!!!!

    From the Fokker E-III of 1914 to the F-22 Raptor… THIS… HAS… NEVER… HAPPENED in a combat fighter… 3 days not a shot fired.

  6. Right follow all the advice go to EDDB find a combat zone. Jump through 48 star systems (fuel scoop works !) too exhausted to even look for a fight………………. THE GUNS REMAIN UNUSED!!! As said a space scenery game.

  7. Spend a couple of days getting money for a combat ship. Agonize over the load-out/weapons… WHY ? I don't know no promised combat happens. MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS IS A SPACE SCENERY GAME.

  8. You have to wait for adventure to find you!? Takes me 20sec to fly from space station to combat zone and fight it out for an hour straight before heading back.

  9. I guess they just forgot that space sims are for a super niche audience. Not everyone is gonna like Elite. If you're the person that likes fast-paced shooters, you'll be bored to death. But for those that just can't get enough of the sound of your engines and the clicking of your ship's computer as you whiz past a star at 33 times the speed of light, well, Elite is for you.

  10. Elite Dangerous isn't a game that you can review after 10 hours of gameplay. Especially not if you're still flying in a Sidewinder or Adder.

  11. Elite dangerous is on sale on the Xbox store, so being intrigued, I bought it and decided to look what the internet thinks of it, everyone else, yes, IGN, no.

  12. ED + Horizons $54. After 10 days playing I feel disappointed – no evolving civilizations, no structured economies, nothing to see except space, nothing to do except commute through empty space, repetitive space combat, nothing to buy except ship upgrades. It needs a star wars moment. Right now its pointless and boring, rock simulator. Thought it would be Open World not Empty World.

  13. It is not a 1 to 1 simulation of the galaxy a lot of games are misleading on what you should expect , but it is still the best space game I ever played.

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