Crash or Correction? – CryptoCurrency Market Crash? – Crypto Market News

Is the cryptocurrency market crashing? Let’s go over the crypto market and the news and see where we’ll find support!
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  1. Hey Zach… correction all based on Hedge Funds and ETH misinformation.. FUD works to manipulate the market!

  2. Hey, Zach no matter what happens… NEVER GIVE UP! what hashrate would a phone provide running on blockchain? (using blockchain to solve other blockchains) lmk
    LTC- LYCsfFLvdPJZnL8oHorjDD4kb6VhHwkMmz

  3. LhnimLMsAtFz7eDoSYGyh5Do84QuKuk6FM
    We are going to see a up trend as we have concensus and many coins have there main net launch in May and June . This will pump price

  4. To be 100% honest, that ICO looks reeeeally dumb. but hey, I guess they cant all be zingers. LTC MEnCRWLdqwgrFbX5787xwwnQBsupp97q7v

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