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  1. How is 3.5 bad score, double is 7 out of 10, not great but decent. You said yourself "awful" that's a two of five. I'm overreacting but that's what the internet is.

  2. I mean it's exactly what I expected from a free to play game. It's nothing amazing, but it's entertaining and it's not hard to finish a task in time if you remember to go back to it, the game even notifies you when a task is about to end. It's fine and the kind of thing I'll hop onto when I have 5 mins. If you think about how much effort, time and money will have gone in to making it, why should everything be completely free to everyone, of course they want to make some money out of it. Although I do think if they made a flat fee to have unlimited energy more people would invest in it, but I don't mind waiting since I have other things to do than binge this game. I also think this game would benefit from a choices element, so you could choose your own adventure and have an impact on the story rather than just going along with it.

  3. The fact they make mobile game is to make money. I don't need a poor free mobile game just give me a console or pc and i will definitely buy it!
    If only they just make me a real Hogwarts game…

  4. im OBSESSED! love it! sigh its like im in magic school! and yeah i spend but nothing more than a dollar lol. year 2 and still leader of ravenclaw. Yoona Xiaolong. holla at me

  5. Yeah, it’s pretty bad with its microtransactions. I’d give it a 6 out of 10 though. It’s still fun and (so far) I have successfully avoided buying anything.

  6. I never realized that I wanted a Triple A game set in the Harry Potter world until now.

    It worked for the Witcher, and I’m sure the sales would be through the roof…. ?

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