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This is the ultimate cryptocurrency wallet! This crypto wallet is one of the best, OPEN crypto review!
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  1. H&M jeans don't cost $50 silly! Lol jk. Idk why this is necessary. Just accept BTC with an address lol.

    LTC: MDt73fDhma8YG9MtYY9z9iDfFEarSyc9Mo

  2. Keep it up guys I love how your team not only reviews big project but also upcoming projects with much potential! Kudos to the family at CNN 👏


  3. Great video!

    I'm curious to ask you whether or not Litecoin will regain or break its its highest price from last year?


  4. love the vids, how about a comparison of portfolio apps… ie. block folio vs cointracking

    LTC: MNZLuMXxx7c93Fq4pSkuhJYqJgTKntzCLm

  5. Max is a great reviewer. I can't wait to see how this comes along. I'd love a deep dive on nOS, NEX, Sovrin, or Blockstrat.

    LTC: LW6GEDsZGr8Gx9dKwHNq3wNv5d3aEDX4in

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