Crypto News: $100 Million Bitcoin Buy! Elon Musk Trolls Warren Buffet! Bull Run Over?

Crypto News: $100 Million Bitcoin Buy! Elon Musk Trolls Warren Buffet! Bull Run Over?

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  1. a very good selection of HitBTC coins and tokens, and the listing is updated regularly. You can actually work out any trading strategies here. I absolutely can't complain.

  2. Perspective Тelegram сhаnnel whеre АIRDRОРS аre puВlished еvery daу. +@airdrop_yes+ AIRDRОР – frее distrebution оf tокens tо evеryone from different IС0. Giving оnly 5-7 minutеs pеr dау оn rеgistrаtiоn in differеnt АIRDRОP it is рossible tо еarn 1ОО-3ОО dоllаrs pеr dау

  3. What is your Tron outlook? You're the only you tuber who ever talks Tron and it always good to get an additional perspective. My prediction is .15 to .20 moving into June then a sell off (whole market) moving into July (following historical trends).

  4. Cardano will go the Moon in next 3 month. I will not be surprised if it will reach $10 by the end of the 2018, but I always underestimate so $20 is also possible.

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  6. Great episode again my friend!!
    I'm also a big fan of Elon Musk and super bullish on EOS, Cardano, ICON and … (don't hate me) Ripple.
    Where can I get some of that Crypto loo paper? Lol ^_^

  7. great update my man, good morning from sleepy west ireland .Lovely day back here regardless of the slight red in the crypto market 🙂

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