Is virtual reality the future of faith?

What if you didn’t have to leave your house to go to church, and all that you needed was a computer and an internet connection? Neha visits a teenager in …


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  1. This one was fun to make, the digital worlds Daniel and D.J have created are super interesting. We really wanted to be able to give you a sense of what it would be like to be inside these online churches. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Guy points out someone is spamming β€œGod isn’t real”
    Neha is shocked and decides to blaspheme in response. More disrespectful than the troll ?

  3. 7:31 "in virtual reality, I think that people are more authentic"… that would be a "no". How can they be? How can you have an authentic relationship which is deep and meaningful at the level of a real friendship at a church is if you never even meet? No VR could come close to replacing real community, actually attending a funeral or wedding in person. Or helping a friend move house. It's nice to play online, and it's amusing to see, but it's not a fully authentic relationship, and it's not worth pretending that it is either.

  4. I am absolutely not a religious person, it's antithetical to a lot of my inherent values, but I still feel pretty strongly that if you're attending a religious service in a virtual environment you've pretty amazingly missed the point.

  5. Really cool video. Have never heard of this before, but I guess it makes sense. Even if i'm not religious myself it's facinating to see what people are doing with new technology.

  6. This is such a cute and adorable video, my god. I'm not religious by any means, but I gotta say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how people can connect with each other to share their faith or whatever through Internet. It's just a wonderful thing, really.

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