Crypto News: $363 Million Robinhood Raise, Nasdaq Bullish on Bitcoin, PiedPiperCoin Twitter Troll

Crypto News: $363 Million Robin Hood Raise, Nasdaq Chief Bullish on Bitcoin, PiedPiperCoin Twitter Troll

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  1. What do you think guys, is the bull run over? What topics should we cover in our next video?

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  2. To me, this is just the ebb and flow of a healthy market. When we are in a bear period, it seems we ebb, and ebb, and ebb….lol. LIke you said, it wont last more than a week or two. I'd wager we bear through the weekend and are back at $440bil by monday evening. The Bulls are just taking a breath….. some ideas for content….mining…is it still worth it? Do it yourself or mining contracts? Nodes….they seem to be all the hype. Everyone wants in on that passive income. There are many different types, POW, POS, POA……perhaps you could discuss the different types of nodes, the risks, rewards, and requirements of running one yourself or joining a something like a stakepool……Just a few ideas…as always, great show, except you picked the wrong winner for that FUD schwag…. 😉

  3. So about this whole bull run thing.

    I looked into bitcoins past performance and found this.

    When bitcoin first hit $1,000 in 2014 it fell all the way back down to $200 and wasn't until 2017 3 years later that it finally hit $1,000 again.

    Now I'm not saying we are heading into a 3 year bear trend, especially with all the events going on today, but I'm getting to the point where I'm psychologically preparing for a 3 year bear trend especially with less than 50 million people across the globe being involved in crypto.

    I think bitcoin may continue to flirt with the 9k range for the rest of the year as big league people and projects gear up to hit the ground running this year.

    Who knows though. Hopefully bitcoin goes to a million tomorrow lol


    The suit's growing on me lol

  4. When I first heard of Robinhood I thought amazing! But I read an article that said it isn’t free to buy, the article was misworded. I’ll have to look into it again since you’re saying otherwise.

  5. Looking good E; how about some in depth secret sauce goo in and around consensus? Like partnerships, pleas, beggars, winners, lalalosers, anything interesting! ✌?

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