Nokia 8 Sirocco hands-on – MWC 2018

Nokia has just announced the new Nokia 8 Sirocco at MWC 2018, a flagship smartphone that packs a huge battery, an 18:9 pOLED display and a new, dual …


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  1. I was really interested in buying one of these, but no headphone jack is a deal-breaker for me. First Apple and then Nokia, I hope other companies dont follow.

  2. im almost sold to wait for it but why follow iphone's stupid removal of headphone jack ?!? its ok to be slight ticker to acomondate it but the thing is you dont always have a bluetooth headphone in handy and if you have bluetooth there will be times your bluetooth device will be out of juice. A headphone jack is always handy.

  3. I think u r a brand ambassador for Chinese company phones..soo u not like Nokia phones and u r passing wrong message to the viewers..

  4. Stopped video at 0:46! Heard enough! WHY THE EDGE FEATURE!!! it’s useless and makes the screen more prone to crack if dropped!!! Fuck sake was hoping Nokia was gonna do their own thing but following Samsung with the shitty curved edge…… iam still stuck with shit iPhone until I find a handset I like ?????

  5. The Nokia8 looks good and I purchased it, but the camera shutter speed is very very poor, and the system hang sometimes when I took photo, even restore can't help, very sad

  6. Damn that's a nice phone. Lack of headphone jack is a shame but not a dealbreaker for me, I'd just invest in a good pair of wireless headphones.

  7. I really don't understand.. Don't they know that how front camera is extremely important these days?! Even it's one of the main reason why people buy the phone! And what the hell is wrong if they put 13MP or 16MP or even 20MP..
    I'm sure it will bring a HUGE DIFFERENCES..

  8. What's the stupid point of making a thinner phone just to ditch the headphone jack I hope you get a chance to Reed this " NOKIA " I won't & I would NEVER buy a smartphone WITHOUT A HEADPHONE JACK.

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