Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Papua New Guinea, Winklevoss, and Tron

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – Draped pushing blockchain in Papua New Guinea, Winklevoss brothers pushing BTC ETFs, Tron mainnet coming, and ICO watch list.



Bloomberg Partners with Novogratz to Launch Crypto Index


Papua New Guinea

Tron Binance






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  1. thanks lark. when you are talking about ICO's it would be helpful if you mentioned restrictive countries like US, its frustrating to have to throw out 9/10 projects im looking at after scouring the internet to find out each one. I love how free america is. Right up there with north korea and china

  2. Lark, your english sounds easy to understand for non natives like me. I just going to point one thing i noticed this afternoon when i was watching, well, hearing you. The part you've read from the website was just too fast to understand. I know it could be a kind of hard to slow down while reading from a website, but maybe next time you can just speak slow like you do in the rest of the video.
    PS: i think this almost daily videos are just great to keep touch what's going on

  3. It’d be cool if you did a wide-view video where you breakdown the crypto space looking at the different categories of crypto and what each is trying to accomplish, and maybe connections between coins including the people behind and what coins are forks of what within each category. Basically an overview as it seems the space is growing and changing so much. I’m overwhelmed by it and wonder how you would break it down…. on the Internet.

  4. really liking Crypto curve, think this wallet will be sick ,, ico investing,,portfolio,fiat gateway ,decentralized exchange etc etc I like… ico INVESTING I like that 😉 finally an easier way to invest in ico's? hmmm I love that you are still wearing your P.J'S during the video hahahahaha……….NO SHAVETILL20K CrYpToLaRk nAtIoN

  5. I'd love for you to cover the Newton Project someday. Anything Elastos-related has my interest! Curve seems interesting too. 🙂

  6. Fitrova FRV listed in 3 Exchanges after the next week of ICO end and next week they are listing in 2 more big exchanges, Best token for Health and fitness industry, This is the first ICO, listing in the 5 exchanges within one week of ICO complete.

  7. Hey Lark. Great time was had in the outer islands but no internet so this vid is my first news in a few days. Will look into what is happening in PNG also interested in Newton and Lightstreams. I have set the day aside tomorrow so hopefully will get back up to speed but thanks for getting me off on a good footing. cheers J

  8. Do we really want Crypto's to be getting classed as SEC's? Will make things so much harder. As it is now I can get bitcoin with 20 minutes with no ID..

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