Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9?

Should You Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9? Get $5 off plus free shipping on your first pair of SAXX: (United States) …


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  1. Just a little thing: You can pinch on the home screen and then swipe to bixby (same screen as changing wallpaper and adding widgets). Then on the upper side you can disable bixby and you can swipe to the left as much as you want but bixby won't open. Just saying that that problem can be solved without any launcher

  2. 7.10 you can disable the swipe. If you hold the home page and swipe left, there is a toggle for Bixby home. Uncheck it and it's gone 😉

  3. Lol, nice video, I’ve got both and I’ve already pretty much switched back to the Pixel 2 XL.

    Also, you can easily disable Bixby home without slapping on a launcher, along with disabling the button and voice for Bixby. I sure as hell did.

  4. You know you can turn off Bixby Home(left swipe) by holding down on the home screen and swipe to right and the switch to turn off is right at top?‍♂️
    If your going to mention ease of use out of the box and grandparents…you should mention easy mode is an option when going through the set up that also gets rid of bixby home.

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