Destiny 2: Warmind Review

Destiny 2: Warmind reviewed by Destin Legarie on PC. This time it feels like two steps forward, one step back, but still, the ship is in the right direction. Destiny 2 …


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  1. 2 hours? a 2 hour campaign? i beat the whole campaign in 1 hour..with no struggle..not worth the $20 price tag for the cripplingly small amount of content.

  2. Bungie bit off more than they could swallow with this franchise. They simply aren't talented or experienced enough to handle a project of this size. I'm sure they wanted Destiny to be massive in scope and then realized early on that it wasn't possible. They've tried to scrape something together and failed miserably, which is sad given the potential.

  3. 2 hour campaign. Recycled strikes. Horrible progression system. Mediocre horde mode. Mechanically okay raid lair with good difficulty, but useless rewards. Still horrible PvP. = 6/10 ?! More like 3/10 at best

  4. For anyone asking whether it is worth £20, your not asking the right question. You should be asking yourself whether it is worth your time. You can get £20 back. But you can’t regain time.

  5. At the end of this video, the ghost says "those are some impressive moves, you been practicing in the crucible haven't you"? I thought the ghost was always around? Bungie need to get it together.

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