In-Glass Fingerprint Sensor: Testing the limits!

Scratches. Liquids. Shattered glass… How does the in-glass fingerprint reader hold up to a stress test? The original video: MKBHD …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Touch ID hasn't been a gold standard of finger printing for a long time. Other manufacturers have been making faster and better finger print sensor for a long time, and my LG V20 reads my finger even with water on my finger.

    Disappointed that MKB has slowly become a apple advertising machine on people's subconscious mind (giving more credit to apple than its due and taking credit away from other manufacturers where it's due.

    EG, this in-screen finger print reader is far further along than first gen touch ID, but all it got was nothing amazing and not bad. Had apple been the one to push it out and put it on iPhone X, you'd probably be kneeling and worshiping them lol.

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