Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News – Markets Crash, Zimbabwe Crack Down, and Consensus Bump

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – markets take a tumble, we look at some of the reasons, Zimbabwe cracking down on crypto, Consensus about to kick off, Kucoin to add fiat, and much more.

Bitcoin Crash


Nvidia Reports $289 Million Revenue from the Crypto Sector in Q1


RBZ bans bitcoin trading





Smart Contract Bugs


Chain ID


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    Exchange Listings
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  3. Zimbabwe needs Bitcoin more than any country in the world IMO ..their hyperinflation is turning their currency into worthless piece of papers..Infact Zimbabawe shud dump their currency all togather and adopt bitcoin as their national currency..their hyper inflation would end over night.

  4. 4x the number of people at Consensus.. something has to happen to the price surely?! P.s. are you going to do a review of Olympus Labs soon? Hi from London, UK by the way!

  5. I woke up this Sunday morning thinking I will do the video question you requested in your previous video… then I saw its already Sunday evening in NZ and you already uploaded a video 🙂 You did not respond to any questions from the audience anyway though… what happened? I wanted to ask you what do you think about blockchain in education as its a great topic, but very few projects. Mostly people focus on infrastructure projects. I found a project which is amazing in my opinion with an ICO coming up next month and wanted to ask you for an opinion on it. It's called the Open Source University. Thanks!

  6. checkout hexx! privacy coin with masternodes, cpumining(gpu/asic resistant), low inflation, fast transactions, hard working devs and forking with btc q3 2018!
    first coin to fix zerocoin bug! they also working on their on exchange which will support the fork!

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