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  1. the PvP is very bad imo
    the arkfalls are fun
    the scprit of the story is ok
    mechanics of the games are ok
    ego upgrade are nice
    guns are a variety of things (some of them are good and some of them are bad)
    overall is a not a bad game but I has a few flaws
    I give it a 6.4/10 (OKAY)

  2. downloading the patches takes a lot but I know the wait is probably worth it when I play the game. tip: just do something while the game is downloading.

  3. "[mentions dialogue is bad]… But it's nice that it IS voiced."
    … I mean…
    Good thing that it's voiced.

    Yes. Because, yeah, you know, when have we ever had voiced dialogue in games! Never, right?

  4. Too be honest I love this game I love co-op based games like this, it's like day-z an open world game full of other people

  5. Well, if I can add my two pennies… I've just been playing this for a little over a week. At first I thought it was going to be your typical, crappy free game, but it has actually turned out to be a pleasant surprise!
    I'm playing on an Xbox 360, and there haven't been any significant bugs or lags, but I'm guessing that's because a lot of time has elapsed since the game was first released.
    There are games that you pay your hard earned cash for, and they suck. And obviously there are free ones that suck too, but I wouldn't class this as one of them.
    It's fun to team up on a co-op mission, or just head off and complete some solo missions. I like it, and am happy that I haven't had to spend any money, in order to advance further in the game.
    I'm probably one of the only people remaining who hasn't tried this before now, lol, but if you still haven't given it a try, you should – it won't disappoint!

  6. And the reason why I was wondering if this game was worth the space is if it is over about 5gb then I am not going to worry about it because my Internet is very slow and downloading games like gta 4 takes a long time. And to make it worse, my Internet connection drops randomly and I have to start all over again.

  7. It's free to play now (at least on 360) so just try it. It isn't a great game by any means but for free it's pretty decent.

  8. Honestly you can't judge whether or not u should get this game based off this review because they're has been so many updates and bug fixes since it this review was released

  9. I like IGN but i have to say. there ratings on games are either to low or too high. Trust me when i say I'M A VERY PICKY PLAYER when it comes to mmo's i just downloaded this game and i have enjoyed it very much its not pay to win because when it comes to pvp i can kill players with basic weapons or just earn weapons by doing questing or dungeoning. When i search for matchmaking its instant or takes a min or two and brings me right into the match in seconds. I'm more of a silent type of player and it gives me a chance to do that, there may not be different classes but you start of with different ability's that work with your play style which appreciated. Yea it may not be big as other mmo's but those mmo's are different. Don't compare it to other mmo's, just look at the game its self. I have a crappy computer and i can run it and its free so why not give it a shot? I would give it a 8.5 i mean sure every game has bugs and glitches what game doesn't? IGN acts like WoW or GW2 never had bugs or glitches. This game gives me the action i want and the challenges i want in a game. It seems like now a days we shoot down games because there not like others, this game doesn't have the money like WoW does for for a low budget they did a good job, not the best but a good one at that, i say for everyone to go and play it for yourself and don't disregard it because of the review, because i was going to do the same but i ended up enjoying it in the end. If you disagree i would love to hear what others have to say on this.

  10. I love ign in every way but why cant you EVER upload in 1080….my tablet along with a lot of devices nowadays go higher than 1080, so at least with 1080 it doesnt look as grainy but with 720 there is a HUGE difference to the naked eye and it always makes me think, this is a gaming company, why cant they be up on basic standards?

    Not a complaint just a suggestion

  11. P.S.

    Saying it's boring and repetitive is just a sign that you don't really/rarely have played mmo's. You think Destiny isn't repetitive?

  12. At first i thought this was the shit but it is actually pretty repetitive after a while and im only doing story to get better pvp stuff

  13. Considering it's free to download and play, I'm going against IGN and taking a shot at it. I've waited for them to give it that final patch, and I'm hoping that maybe it's changed to counteract what they said was bad. However it still looks fun and I'll give it a honest try. 

    Honestly, since it's free to download and play, you literally risk nothing in doing so. 

  14. Free to download and free to play… honestly, you have nothing to lose by giving this game a shot, now.
    Unless you think your time is precious (download at night while you sleep), or you freak out when you're down a few gigs.
    I've only had a grand total of 2 problems:
    1. Randomly being disconnected.
    2. Fucking ladders, man… can't climb them for fear of being teleported halfway across the map… but that could just be me, since I haven't seen anything from anyone else, yet.

  15. i played at launch for xbox and it was fantastic but then sadly i lost  my copy but now i'm on the cpu version its still really fun and there's so much more new content that's been added since the begining. Try shadow wars! 😛 

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