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  1. I would rank TW4 way above this one.

    Prefered the story and characters.

    The VERY SMALL number of characters here gives the cars less character and gives the game less replay value.
    TW4 has more understandable, controllable, & dodgeable weapons. also feels like it had better or more interesting stage designs.

  2. Remastered of twisted metal 1-3, with all characters playable on every game. Now that would be worth getting. When this game came out I bought a PS3. Beat the campaign in a day and returned the PS3. Limited characters, super short campaign kinda ruined this for me. Game play was great and visually looked good. But if you played the old twisted metals I'm sure you will feel like they cut corners on the story ,difficulty, and character selection. Now that it's cheap I'm sure it's worth picking up. Not a 9-10 star game though.

  3. Kanzuki I Agree With You We Need A New One On The PS4 Called Twisted Metal Global Chaos Start A Petition For A Good Idea With OC Characters As The New Characters And Also Add All Of Them From All TM Games And Them Deranged Looks&Messed Up Backstories Like TMB

  4. Pls.. Let's hope they will make a new Twisted Metal on PS4! And keep it original where each vehicle has its own driver and story which you discover through their own separate tournament where you can take a couch or online friend with you

  5. Just got this on ps plus if u wanna play online my psn is. Rent_A_Hooker_-_ add me if u want I also play call of duty gta 5 and destiny and I do have a mic

  6. This is the best twisted metal ever made and that's coming from a HARDCORE… and I mean like my entire childhood, fan…

  7. This game is way too fast paced, you can't even drive for a second without getting hit by something and that makes it annoying. The controls are clunky and make it hard to maneuver well without hitting everything. Idk I like the old ones better, it had more control, this is just too crazy

  8. This is why I'm not buying a PS4, at least yet. I loved the last Twisted Metal, but it's clear Sony's abandoning what brought in their initial fanbase and some of their best franchises like Jak and Daxter, and the Crash series and treating them like their redheaded step-children, (being said that I am a redhead and have step parents). The only way I'll buy a PS4 is if they bring back TM, Jak and Daxter, or Silent Hills turns out to be a Sony exclusive.

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