Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Reveal – IGN Live

Join us this Thursday to see what Treyarch has to say about the much-anticipated shooter sequel. Skip to the beginning of the stream at 26:05 Call of Duty: WW2 …


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  1. If this game is actually based on teamwork, then I would give it a chance. Can’t lie, for a person who missed out on the jet pack era, thank god btw, I’m actually really looking forward for this game.

  2. I actually don't really mind the lack of single player. It was always the underwhelming low point of most CoD games, and if getting rid of it allows them to make Multiplayer/Zombies the best yet, I'm down for it

  3. Bo4 looks trash, I honestly don’t think fortnite will die, yes I will buy bo4 because I’ve played cod for years but, I’m not impressed about the new cods like, bo4, infinite warfare, and what not, they need to stick in their lane and keep it og.

  4. this looks like laziness to me. essentially a carbon copy of Bo3 with R6 like ability's. definitely not gonna shell out for it when there are other quality titles coming out this year.

  5. What's interesting is the Black Ops 4 Zombie FMV sequence where the zombie jumped and landed on that gladiator who splattered like a Ketchup packet, it reminds me of that Steven Segal Parody where he too jumped on the bad guy and splattered him like that ketchup packet. What's with that last man chained to the pillar who transformed into that Knock off RE T-Virus mutation.. Capcom's going to want money from Treyarch!

  6. Seeing how the game mode black out is part of the reason Black Ops 4 isnt getting a story mode shouldn't they just call the game Call Of Duty Blackout instead. ign please pin

  7. If it’s 4 player splitscreen we will buy all dlc and all maps and play it for thousands of hours just like BO3. If it is not 4 player splitscreen we will not even buy it

  8. Same jumps, same firefights, same shitty graphics sums up COD- the money printing machine devoid of any originality, P.S. – they also removed single player. At least they made black ops 1 with an intriguing story line, after that, everything went to ashes.

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