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  1. Is fact that its available on PS not enough ? Lords of the Fallen, Surge, Nioh, Bloodborne, Trilogy of Dark Souls.. If only Demon Souls was available this would be dream.

  2. Sincerely i didn't played it in 2011, i was too afraid to play this…now after completing dark souls 2 n 3 n bloodbourne i wanna give it a chance

  3. Trash review. This isn't a remaster, this is a *PATCH*. It's a 2/10 at best.
    It has no new meaningful features, IT STILL HAS ALL THE SAME BUGS INCLUDING GAME-BREAKING ONES, it completely disrupts the modding community while offering nothing of value.

  4. Here´s the thing for me this is amazing since I´ve never played the first. Only dark souls 3 and blood borne so I´ll definitely like it but they should have swapped the items and changed something from the original for people who are returning. It couldn't be that hard to change the items…

  5. I was wondering how they would give this game a good score, but then I saw that they only played on console, and didn't play PvP. Where as if they had been long running PC players they would be upset about the lack of change from modded OG Dark Souls, and chain backstab.

  6. The more I see the community's opinion of this remaster the more I realise how many people don't seem to realise the difference between a remaster and a remake.

  7. Glad to finally experience an active playerbase in a Souls game that isn't infected with Bloodborne's diseases. Seriously, DS3 would've been miles better if they didn't try to make it like Fuckborne.
    No other Souls and Souls-like game even comes close to the originality & greatness that are Demon's Souls and Dark Souls 1, From Software should just focus on making games more in that style instead of trying to make everything too fast, unpredictable, linear and expecially unfair like BB and DS3.

  8. personal Dark Souls 1 got the best level design but for me Dark Souls 3 is the best part. I played over 300h Dark Souls 1 on the pc… imo its not worth to buy it again..

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