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  1. From the steam sale which ends tonight i bought this game for a dollar and The new doom for 20 dollars and honestly this game is much more fun to play than doom.

  2. I got to say , i really enjoy the oldschool-style shooter way more , than the modern cover-shooter- auto health regen. shooters

  3. kkmaurosm MrRubik: Really? I put it on insane first time i played it and it seems like a good balanced difficulty, fun but challenging. Haven't gotten to any part that seems like it might be unbeatable :/

  4. Over all the review is pretty neutral saying a equal amount of positive and negative and giving it a just rating.  But with a 7.5 rating why do you leave a negative last comment?  "If all you wana do is blast shit and look at the pretty colors"?  a better last comment to a game that just got 7.5 would be, If you are into old school twitch shooters then this game is for you, something along those lines.  But all in all a pretty good review from  IGN.. Oddly lol.

  5. see.. are people like you why i don't even bother commenting.. jesus christ.. so emulators are built in zip zap? it doesn't give you the menu but it's emulater de hardware and software do you get it in your small little head? i'ts a start every emulator begings like that and knowing they are building a ps3 emulator this is fucking good and it's gonna take time. Ignorant

  6. sigh.. why are kids like you, do you even search? i said it does not play games it emulates de software you can play SMALL read the word? SMALL homebrew games, it is not fully development yet. It is called RPCS3 and search for revision 52. Do your homework kid.

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