League esports just had its biggest set back ever: the BAMTech deal is dead – Travis Talks

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  1. Why would they even want to make a special stream? Why did Riot think that this was a good idea? Are they not aware that EpicSkillShot and twitch are a thing? So dumb

  2. Travis putting his viewers first all the time. He's clearly exhausted but sacrifices his rest and production quality to get the content out there asap. We appreciate keeping us in the loop, thanks DL's other half.

  3. Let me get this straight the vieuwers don't care, i'm fine with watching lcs on Twitch. Why should I care if Riot get's money ? The biggest leech company on earth.

  4. most fans will never understand this, but the BAMTech deal was a insanely big thing happening to League, and also Esports in general, but to LoL specifically, and this deal not happening should send a clear signal to Riot that a insanely huge investor have no longer faith in their game as a long term investment. Im not personally gonna say they should do X or Y, or that LoL is dead for you more pessimistic out there, but the fact is that its not happening, and its a pretty fucking strong sign from investors side of things that the market signals of LoL (Not esports as a whole) has reached its peak and is now on the down-trend. And personally, i think that sucks, but you cant argue with money.

  5. Geez Travdawg, desperate for a story much? At least wait until figures come out to bash it… One of your worst videos to date. Your upset that after a year + no content was made with the BAMTech deal. Now LOLesports have made changes that will get LOL streaming on mainstream media platform. I think this is a great opportunity.

  6. It's very little compared to what would happen but it's something. I understand the disppointment, but as long as league keeps growing it' fine.

  7. The production value of this video is fine. And people want your opinion, they obviously clicked on a video with your face and on your channel. The self deprecating dialogue is a bit much. Just seems like filler talk. Be confident. Just my opinion.

  8. You keep saying that there is no info about the deal, how can you say it might not become a better deal. How do you have a strong opinion with no info?

  9. In order to understand better and see how sad I should be, I would like to know details about what BAMTech's "enhanced experience" and the features of the "new app" were going to be. IOW, the difference between what we see now vs. what BAMTech would have brought.

  10. Travis, I really appreciated your insightful thoughts and details on the news about League and Esports in general. While I was watching this, there were a few thoughts that came to mind. You mentioned that this move would not most ideal for both Disney and League. However, I can see why Disney would want to spend less on Riot. Riot is owned by a larger company, Tencent, which is also an internet company that could potentially compete with Disney's services, which is probably why Disney would have no incentive to support. Disney, on the other hand, may not just be focused on just League but other games as well. So injecting so much money into one game may be too risky and expensive for them to invest in. Instead, they may be focused on various games instead of just one game. So I think that League may be at a setback but Esports in general wouldn't be as disastrous of an effect as it seems.

  11. This is the most exaggerated reaction I've seen today. NOTHING is gonna change for us – viewers. NOTHING is going for worse. Get your sht right Travis 🙂

  12. Travis i'm sorry i really like your videos, but you sound like a negative whiner in this …
    There is a milion things that could go wrong with that deal, even on the side of BAMTech, so just whine about how terrible Riot is is pointless. Wait it up may be they have other plans, may be adress what you are missing and may be they'll listen.
    What you described that they promissed in this seems a bit unrealistic to me.
    I get it that you looked forward to this, but may be first let them recuperate and wait if they will explain it better or how will they proceed?

  13. Seriously don’t understand why you have a bigger following with the quality of content and coverage you put out. Just want to say keep up the amazing work my friend

  14. this isn't that big of a deal. esp when you admit you have no real information yet. maybe this deal is better for less money. or maybe this is a huge fucking upgrade. just wait a fucking minute to literally hear ANYTHING specific. you just need to pump out vids so you over react to everything for content. sheesh bro.

  15. I actually dont care that much because in my opinion this outcome was expected after a showing of exactly nothing for so long after the anouncement. And it's not like we've seen anything of this deal so nothing is being taken away from our current experience, I'd rather this happen than if we got this awesome special stream and amazing app for 6 months to a year and then all that got taken away.

  16. Who cares about an app? What experience more delays and commercials so they can make that 50 mil back? Sorry man sounds like you they sold you something that was never going to happen. That money never was there it was just talk. They sold out to Disney and got paid for it well. Yahoo! was going broke and was up for sale before you took that job. Nobody is to blame this happens a 100000 times a day. I don't think Riot or Tencent give a rats ass about this, they are making 1.2 bil a year and LCS is a promo for people to purchase content. Riot can just keep printing money this effects nothing.

  17. "It's all just speculation, so it's really hard to figure out who to blame in this situation." You're right, it's all just speculation, so it's inappropriate to try to blame anybody without the facts. We also don't have any evidence that Riot took a loss, financially – a contract is a contract, so if the money was "in the bag' then they would not be so stupid as to cancel that deal for a lesser one… Right?

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