Venture Capital in Crypto? – Use Your Money to Fund a VC! – Iconiq Lab ICO CryptoCurrency Review

Venture capital in crypto with the ability to use your money to fund a VC! Iconiq Lab ICO!
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  1. Once big money comes in other VC's will follow this one I dont think can make it over time.


  2. Will holding this token allow one to buy into icos, if your in the US?? Does this token get you around that pain in the butt?

  3. Looks like an interesting project, these new ICOs can be great if you get in early enough I am going to look into this

    Long time watcher first time poster, keep up the good work!


  4. BOScoin
    Can you do a segment on BOScoin this projects testnet will be coming out around June 4th with mainNet following in the 4th Quarter 2018. I BELIEVE THIS PROJECT IS REALLY PROMISING AND WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD. testNet will be launched with public testNet nodes, and will only include the ISAAC consensus protocol.. ARIST(Advanced Research Institute for Social Trust) is a research institute established by BlockchainOS under the BOS Platform foundation in Zug, Swiss. ARIST will build a responsible organization centered on major research fields and promoting growth as a community research institute that can conduct world-class research independently in a horizontal structure.

    ARIST will conduct research on Consensus protocol, Trust Contract, Privacy Technology and Public Financing which are the main parts of BOScoin Platform based on Blockchain.
    Korea Smart Authentication Corporation)
    BOS Platform is the largest shareholder, and through a strategic partnership  with KoSAC's (Korea Smart Authentication Corporation). KoSAC’s technology will be the first KYC and one person / one vote ballot system integrated into any blockchain platform. This technology will expand the usability of the BOS Platform by allowing data privacy on the BOScoin blockchain.

    The Homomorphic Encryption Algorithm is considered one of the most promising solutions to solve the problem of data privacy on the blockchain. BlockchainOS will work with KoSAC, one of the world’s leading researchers in the field, to create the future vision of the BOS platform.

  5. Dang the minimum is high haha…I lost everything by investing all my investings in january….I was such an idiot for thinking it'd keep going up, and not waiting for the dip to buy. Nice review!


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