Is Samsung ruining the Galaxy S4? TechRadar opinion

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  1. Samsung has released 8 phones in just over 2 years that are all on Android.I understand a manufacturer wanting to be ahead of the game.But it can also damage it's reputation by people thinking,oh there's another S phone coming out.Who gives a shit

  2. Why would anyone want that much confusion over a product? Like the guy said, keep a product in a separate category.Plus i wouldn't like to have a big ass lense sticking out the back of my's not like that's gonna be awkward to hold or anything! And the s4 active? It's only going to be slightly more durable than any other phone so what's the point.Just have the s4 flagship and be happy the product

  3. Just last year people were saying that Samsung's phones are great but just because their phones have gotten really popular all of a sudden people are saying they suck. Hypocrites.

  4. Idea for next year?

    Galaxy S5 (full flagship + ruggedized OOTB)
    Galaxy S5 Mini (High end S4 specs rather than mid range specs + ruggedized OOTB)

    No more S5 Active and S5 Zoom.

    Galaxy Camera S should do..

  5. Samsung demote their flagships so badly by giving cheaper phones the same name eg S4 mini. The "S" name should be only on top end phones nor budget phones, otherwise your product is just another "S" phone

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