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Welcome to Hot Keys. Today’s show we’re going to dive into Shared World Shooters. We will be chatting about everything we know about Bioware’s new game, …


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  1. Very education dude…destin legarie crystal clear…But should aaa titles be a little more affordable for some of us like a budget conscious gamers ?? ?

  2. NOT destiny 2 they will compete likes of Warframe with 25m+ registered users. To me Anthem is carbon copy of warframe i.e multiplayer with squad of 4, looting, every Javelin has unique abilities & appearance same as warframes, they can fly in open world & under water same thing archwings do in warframe. XD

  3. It's quite obvious you guys have never played the DZ in The Division extensively because then you would have mentioned about all the hacking that goes on, the Wolfpacks that camp at extraction sites and how now you really don't have to go into the DZ if PVP is not your thing because everything that is in the DZ you now can get in the LZ, nice job guys lol.

  4. They literally dont need to do anything to compete with Destiny 2…. they lost all their players

  5. These are new games how are they competing with and already dead title
    Every one is competing with fortnite, overwatch, and God of war

  6. Dont have any hopes for Anthem, BioWare hasnt been in form for many years now and most veteran devs from BioWare's golden days are long gone.

  7. Real players not fake that just made it feel fake u don’t have to acknowledge that even if it was fake it didn’t matter becuz we get the idea of playing online with real players it was a demo

  8. Destiny 2 is dead only way it would come back if they make it like the old destiny unbalanced exotics that were fun random rolls 6v6 3v3 destiny is changing stuff that we didn’t even complain about

  9. The devision 2? Yes better guns army of 2 type like shot gun and 50 cal mounts with sheilds better look of hero clothes and body armor and yes stealth. Make the silencers work!!

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