Initial Thoughts on LATER CASE: Unbox Therapy vs Pitaka

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Here are my initial thoughts on the Unbox Therapy’s Late Case casegate saga with Pitaka. RANT will come this evening. #techrant #casegate #unboxtherapy …


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  1. Tbh, I don't trust any reviewers who rock a 50,000 dollar Camera, Tesla, millions of subscribers, or is two-faced, because at some point 9 times out of 10, humility isn't what's remembered, greed is.

    It's very few reviewers who are down to earth and trustworthy and shown dedication through that trust.

  2. I actually agree with him I hate these bulky cases. I have a very thin case now. I wouldn't buy his case but he is right I hate phone cases. I wish phone companies will make phones where we don't need cases and still look good.

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