If You Are Not Doing This With Bitcoin – YOU HAVE FAILED! – Bitcoin Technical Analysis

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Bitcoin has started a Bitcoin bull market, and the future looks VERY bright for Bitcoin. But with that bright future comes a lot of responsibility for us Bitcoin traders if we want to make the most of this Bitcoin bull market. In this video, we’ll do some Bitcoin technical analysis, and we’ll also discuss one of the biggest mistakes Bitcoin traders make, and how to avoid it.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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  1. I was in 2015 buying $200. Since then I learned that – don't try to learn trading from youtubers… jesus. Glean what you can for free or some low cost books – if you start copying others you get messed up. So because I was HODL – I didn't sell it very much at the top. That also meant that I didn't know how to accept a bear market until the worst part, the big dive below 6k to 3k area. So … you have to have a plan to sell, ie time. Just don't try to time the markets to "get more Bitcoin". Sure play around with a small trading account if you are new but the investment advice is great but if you have way more than you ever expected … don't get paralysed – sell a bunch. Load up your retirement in gold or whatever. Keep half or 1/4 when you cash out of BTC just in case the unexpected happens. I was trying to buy the previous wave before $100 but the exchange wouldn't give me an account – but that exchange was Gox. Get your exchange accounts set up.

  2. Yep, I started buying in 2013, after the big run-up to 1200. Bought my first .5 HTC for 450 dollars. I kept buying through 2015. Wish I had bought more but what I do have is enough. I retired 4 weeks ago.

  3. Hello Jebb!
    Hope this message finds you well.
    I think this is my literal first ever YT comment!
    Hector here. 👋🏼
    First thing – I really want to thank you for the great and valuable information- plus the authenticity you provide.

    Still learning a lot as I watch your videos – but I enjoy the vibe you put out.

    I feel like I’m a super novice as I don’t know many of the terms yet but I’m super eager and ready to learn more about the space and opportunities.
    Been in the Crypto space for some time now – but I’m not proud to say I have not made many “moves” if you could call them that.
    I mostly “invest” (what I’ve been able to)for long holdings-I know very little in terms of trading and almost feel discouraged as I think my “brain” doesn’t operate that way.
    but seeing your YT and the type of lifestyle you lead has given me motivation to become more engaged in my holdings-I monitor my coins often – but still lack the confidence to do any daily trades with them-and I’m overcome by the fear that I’m sure we all feel at first-but educating myself more and more and watching great videos like yours have helped me get through that fear at least by trying to play around with literal cents.
    I saw that you have courses and really enjoy the way you describe things in a simple manner.

    I know the courses are probably priced extremely affordable – but being unemployed for the last nearly 2 years really leaves me in boot strapping mode – hustling off savings – has been a blessing and a lesson in money management that I do not take lightly.
    I’ve learned more about Finances these last couple years than ever before – kinda how I stumbled across your channel.

    Quite frankly can not afford the investment for the courses at this time.
    But I hope you continue the courses and definitely the YT videos – like I mentioned before – seeing someone like yourself and that I can relate with do what I’ve always wanted to do -gives me a boost!

    Please know you’re encouraging a lot of us and we appreciate it – I think if anything this crypto community has come together around a need of financial stability and that is something I hope to grant my family as well.(coming from a family of immigrants – it’s the goal we always strived for)

    I’m not sure what I wanted to ask – Or convey-as I’m sure it evident it can be difficult and humbling to put yourself out like this – but if there’s ever been a time to ask for help – I think it’s a growing experience to do so…

    I already feel like you’ve given and taught us so much.
    I guess I just wanted to reach out and say thank you personally.
    Hope you keep the course running long enough for me to come back and invest.

    Anyone less reading this also – let’s keep fighting the good fight and learn as much as we can – as that is true investment!

    Thank you

  4. bro i think you should waste less time on warning people…serious…we are haven given brains..do research…if people want to greed in and do no research and get burned or listen to a guy on youtube talking about stuff..its EVERY individual RESPONSIBILITY to make their own choice and you cannot be hold account for it no matter if people lose money…end of discussion…sometimes it really start to annoy me that every crypto channel need to talk about this..i mean you cannot be held responsible for another man dumb action..

    Next you gonna say..if you invest, please only invest X % of your total capital…ooooh it must just happen that a guy invested 20% of his capital and got burned, and blames you for it…and you should have said he only had to invest max 15% of his capital because now he cant pay his mortgage etc….ITS F CK STUPID.¨

    You are not someone babysit…and maybe stop being one too…i know you mean well..but like i said..people only here for quick gains…should get burned..people who want crypto to flourish and be the future..they will do their research and know what its about instead only $$$

    *end of rant

  5. I buy bitcoin on robinhood and actually just started so it’s my first time doing crypto. I notice you say trading is different that buying it on a different platform , my question is , isn’t basically the same ? If I invest 10k and hold it on robinhood , isn’t that the same gains as buying it ? Sorry if I sound confused but it’s gain wether you buy bitcoin or just invest and trade it. If you can give me thoughts on this would be nice , great videos man btw

  6. I was since 2012 before the december bull run, I regret not buying because I forgot to do so, because it was expensive at that time, I was waiting to go down and I didnt bought and forgot about it, fast forwar into the future I heard about bicoin going to 1.2k gold price insane, and I didnty bought because was very expensive, I neded buying in the 2017 peak and lost 60% before getting out, 3 times I learned the leason, I bought at 4k recover all lost and on profit. Lesson learned never time the market, buy now.

  7. 10 years ago, 2009, the first Bitcoin units were mined on computers.

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  8. I understand but…dont buy now(thats what i would do)…wait until the indicators have pull back a little. After you see a pull back, and take back up in a unexpected reversal, then buy for investing. You would make much more. believe me

  9. I've got 40k I can invest as soon as the military get's their shit together and updates my discharge records. It's killing me having to wait to invest!!!!

  10. I’ve been in since 2014 and he’s absolutely correct. This is the time to be getting in. And yes I certainly wish I would’ve accumulated more bitcoin and Ethereum.

  11. You need a lot of time for convincing but your're not convincing! I'm lways aware of people convincing others. TA on steriods, it's completely legal to get some breath. Anyway, thanx for sharing!

  12. I bought partial bitcoin in 2015. I didn’t have a lot of money then … I was just looking for a payment processor and happened on Bitcoin. I didn’t buy a full bitcoin till 2016 and it cost me a little over $430 and I wish I could have bought more.

    Since then I have traded Cryptocurrency (it can be stressful) and I do see a lot of wisdom in investing for long terms. We need to learn to delay gratification and keep Cryptocurrency for few years if we can especially the top 10. So there’s a lot of wisdom in Jebb’s advise … it also saves you a lot of stress and sleepless nights.

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