The War On Cryptocurrencies, Rothschild Stable Coin And EOS / Ethereum Coin Dump

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  1. There is Quickly Coming a Brokerage House That will be buying CRYPTO CURRENCY for the PUBLIC…..I cannot name names due to the nature of the Approval by Regulators .
    This is Cryptocurrency is getting ready to EXPLODE off the STARTING BLOCKS….
    Those of you that have positions in Crypto Currencies Should Be Pleasently Surprised !
    I think this will be BEYOND BELIEF…
    People will be taking positions pryor to the Large POSITIONS that this Brokerage House will PURSUING…

  2. June July august are traditionally the adoption months . Mcafee is right in many levels. Just think if we go with ico and tokens then we will need umpteen wallets for umpteen tokens for umpteen products. This is a phase and it will work out evetually but hopefully not with tokens .

  3. Of course, Rochilds invented Bitcoin. It is going to be "peoples money" and the word currency for world government. Nothing new there. You are wrong about EOS. Everyone expect what you are saying to happen, and when everyone expects something well, we know how that usually works out.

  4. Hey MI, would love to get your take on the ownership status of Ripple with XRP. Have read reports that at recent parliamentary review they, ripple, stated not owning or being connected to xrp…thoughts?

  5. The fundamentals of EOS are not even in the same ballpark of Ethereum or Cardano, so please – people are stupid, but not that stupid.

  6. they need to get these exchanges to counter sue the new york AG and put a cease and decist order against him cuz his actions are whats criminal by using his office and authority to manipulate the price of bitcoin

  7. Deutsche bank is in trouble. EU citizens might flee to crypto if the euro tanks. Another 2008 and the banks know people will never rely on them for financial transactions.

  8. It's obvious that the powers that be are injecting and removing liquidity in the crypto markets at will to make people feel the pain of the volatility, for which they'll eventually offer their 'solution' to the 'problem' they're creating when no one is looking.. their own less volatile fiat cryptos. Problem-reaction-solution, the Hegelian Dialectic, Order out of Chaos, etc.. doesn't matter which of these philosophies you choose to believe.. cuz it's happening whether you believe it or not. They'll take us to war while making everyone believe that Trump cares about your children, while simultaneously putting more 'tax money' into the war machine to get their selfish way (as they send your children to war to kill each other). They'll literally do anything to maintain their monopoly on force, the financial system, prison industry, pharmacartel, one world government, one world military, one world currency, etc. That's where they're taking us and Trump will lie with a smile as your rights are removed one step at a time. Get ready for the surveillance state and a microchipped population. Already happening in other parts of the world. Look it up if you think I'm full of sh#t.

  9. There is no 'Ongoing war on Cryptocurrencies'. But there is a war on stupidity and gullible investors throwing money at fake currencies that do nothing, achieve nothing and are a waste of time.
    Cut the conspiracy paranoia theories because your love child, cryptocurrencies are stagnating….before they finally die out.
    McAfee should have stuck to Virus Protection instead of propagating (like a Virus) useless opinions. Stop playing the Victim. Crypto is dying because it IS NOT better than what exists. It's not smarter. It's not simpler. It's had its day.
    The Crypto Market is in a death spiral. There is no more 'dumb' money coming to prop it up and save it.

  10. NEO is the first open source Blockchain of China, it is the most mature Blockchain. Da Hongfei said months ago that NEO could work with the China government. If NEO even captures a small fraction of the Chinese market, NEO will be in the top 3!!!! Massive!!! ??

  11. Good talk! Also people always tell this LIE that cryptocurrencies is very volatile. NO THEY ARENT! 1 BTC is always 1 BTC. Stop comparing to FIAT. Fiat is dead.

  12. Why would anyone use Bitcoin as currency when other alternatives are better such as Dash, LTC, BCH, DGB. If BTC wasn't the pegged exchange coin on most exchanges only those in denial would still use BTC.

  13. I read so.ething about Divx and Divi. It is a coin going life soon and is about to be split. I was wondering what your view is on this coin. Based on what i read it could be a good investment or am I missing something?

  14. That is why i am telling all my friends about the crypto currencies, we need to make some noise or a big loud noise. Lol….go go go!!

  15. Guys, you better believe that we are in a currency war. A war that is being fought with guns an missiles as well as by economic means and through propaganda and mind control. To think that newcomers like bitcoin and any other currency that tries to challenge major central banks or their owners won't be viciously attacked or co-opted is naive in extreme. Anyone that has any inkling of history and how economics work will know this. Unfortunately most of us don't learn without getting seriously hurt first, and most of us also don't learn til it is too late.

  16. Great insight into the ETH-EOS battle. I think I'm going to buy some EOS and then if ETH crashes, I'll buy some ETH at the bottom.

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