IGN Reviews – Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Review

It’s been a long time coming, but IGN Editor Nick Kolan is finally ready to give out his score for the latest BioWare epic: “The Old Republic.” Do the grandiose …


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  1. I just started playing this game the first time and holy wow, it is hands down the bar setter in MMO storytelling to date. I've never cared for MMOs because I've always felt the quality of how the narrative is told is so disjointed and lackluster (everything is half-heartedly told to you via text dialog and infologs) but this game has storytelling on par with Bioware's single player RPGs, complete with full voice acting, and it's GOOD voice acting.

    If you're a fan of Star Wars and you enjoy RPGs, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

  2. I don't appreciate the hate here. I really loved SW TOR a lot, and it's a pity they're shutting it down. I wish we did get more KOTOR, but SWTOR had a crap ton of content

  3. Sadly though I loved kotor 1 & 2 and wanted to play this one too I just cant play any game that requires a subscription to play.

  4. Once they made the expansion KOTET link to KOTFE that is when I stopped with the expansions. I thought kotfe was ok but not good enough, in my opinion, to go into another expansion.

  5. Not an mmo fan but had to play the imp agent because I heard the story was superb… And I have to say the story is better than most Star Wars movies

  6. Awe man… I just heard about this and was super excited for another Bioware RPG in the Star Wars universe. Sad that it's an MMO. I simply don't have the time for one of those.

  7. To anyone thinking about giving this game a try right now: DO IT. right now there is an even that ends sometime near the end of november, during this event you gain far more xp than usual, this means you can do nothing but the main story quest and still be overleveled (it scales you so u dont feel broken) this is the best way to play the game and anyone thinking about it should give it a shot.

  8. The Old Republic is great. Combat can be as easy or intensive as you want it to be, a lack of esoteric concepts make it easy to approach unlike many other MMOs, and the fully voiced conversations really help to make it feel like more than just a continuous grind. I can highly recommend it, especially for those new to MMOs.

  9. Just tried it today after months of watching the cinematic trailers and some gameplay from other channels. I was amazed that it's F2P. Yeah there is a subscription option but I'll look into that later on. The fact that it's free from the start pulled me in. I get to try it for free, if I don't like it then I won't play it no more and no damage to my wallet. Tried FF14 and didn't like it enough. It was ok but not for me lol. Then there was TES online and holy crap it takes forever to level up in that game. I have it for ps4 but it's a turn off when I play for a long time and can't break level 20 let alone reach it. Then this game was installed on my rig today and I was impressed. Played for a good 3 hours straight after creating my Sith Warrior. Pretty awesome game and it looks a little better on ultra settings on PC than it does in this video. For now I will play this, may look into the subscription option later. Then I may go back to TES online one more time to see if I can break level 20.

  10. for anyone who is thinking about starting to play this game it has got soooo much better from what it was like at launch. obviously f2p has many limitations but you have to remember you're getting 8 awsome quests as well as endless side missions etc for absolutely free. i play this game with friends and it is constantly fun to roam the planets in a squad of your friends as jedi/sith characters. and no you dont need a gaming pc, i run it on medium settings with a 1gb ram laptop! you can easily scale graphics so dont worry about the pc you have. right now if you subscribe for one month you will recieve all the 3 dlc packs so far 🙂

  11. i started playing this game in 2013 then i got bored of it i few months ago i got back into now i am almost a legendary p,layer the story is amazing I would say this game is the best game i have ever played i have only played like the first 5 missions on kotor and seen some game play and if I compare the two i think SWTOR is way better.

  12. I'm not a big MMO player and the combat looks really overwhelming and confusing. I'm a big Star Wars fan and enjoy a good interactive story but the combat is what's keeping me away from trying this. Can someone who's played this explain the learning curve for this game?

  13. Very new to this all but could somebody answer 1. Is this game free?/Where can I find this full game? 2. Do I need a good computer to run this game? 3. Any dlc / membership / if so how much money will it cost
    Please & thank you

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