Day Trading Challenge! – CryptoCurrency Day Trading – How to Day Trade Crypto

Today we start our cryptocurrency day trade challenge! Learn how to day trade crypto with this challenge!
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  1. Day trading is such a rush. I fall asleep with a chart in front of me and wake up periodically because I lucid dream about trading… I'm devoted.

  2. Hell Yeah!! I'm so glad you're doing this. I've been wanting to try day trading but more so swing trading. I'm so glad you picked Binance as I'm most familiar with them.
    I would love to see you trade XRP, TRX, ADA, XLM, IOTA, IOST, LTC, NEO, ETH, BTC, & NCASH
    LTC: MEBQAHrRAmMrqBwimF883Djpx1JwhnYA2J

  3. I am excited to see you guys trading. Lots to learn. ALSO thanks for all the great info!
    LTC: LPt1sQcGJYPdyzDaCVFm91D5Yhr1Hnx95c

  4. Man this is the greatest idea ever… Exactly what i've been looking for. A real how to on day and swing trading. Thanks alot

  5. Go ZMan. Im doing some day/swing trading on Qryptos. Small risk on my end for now. Will keep doing it while it stays successful.
    LTC: LLc4dCHbYjFw2QFvLzJ9H7j4aRVa8PU1Zw

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