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  1. i don't get why people hate on repetition every video game is repetitive in it's own way, it's just a matter if you are having fun with what you are repeating.If you don't like the gameplay in a game then you should't expect it to change.

  2. The problem with the bad models is because hes on a console I bet, I went back to look at it on PC with graphics all the way up and its fine. The real problem is the FPS being locked at 60 on PC but it's not a huge flaw. I have no clue what he meant by getting cornered unless you literally run into a corner and stay there its impossible to get stuck. How does the "find three levers" part ruin the tension? THOSE ARE THE MOST TENSE PART WHEN AN ENEMY IS TRYING TO FIND YOU AND YOU HAVE TO EVADE THEM! I could imagine this guy playing Tetris or anything more difficult than putting a square block in a square hole this game has the EASIEST puzzles ever if you can even call them puzzles. I really don't know how he can take 2.2 points off just for the base game elements not being superb or how in the hell he found it to be that repetitious in one play though.

  3. Just finished this game yesterday, it was truly an awesome experience all the way through, made me jump many times as I was using headphones while playing, plus the backstory kept me interested through it all.

  4. There was only one moment in this game where i ALMOST ran out of batteries. Also said he died a lot because he didn't know what to do. Listen, I am the absolute worst horror game player ever. Like i will sit in a locker for an eternity but there was only one spot in this game where i died more than once and it was when you had to turn the power on for the security room in the beginning. That is only because i didn't know how to play the game yet. After that I probably died a total of 5 times max throughout the rest of this game. He acts like it was hard…. IT WAS FUCKIN EASY lmao. Definitely deserves a higher score.

  5. This game was free on xbox one so i gave it a shot. In the first ten minutes i knew it was shit (no wonder they are giving it away). 1. Survival horror games are only good in the third person. First person does not work.
    2. I cant use a weapon but instead run around with a camera. This type of thing works well in movies but not video games. No thanks.
    3. My characters constant whimpery breathing that persists even when theres nothing scary going on. I found it so annoying i finally uninstalled the game. I would advise people who want a horror type game in first person to maybe try dying light or dead island and skip this junk.

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