Tips On How To Effectively Study For An Exam In The Most Stress Free Way

Say No to Distractions

How to study for exams is simple. First, you pick a place. The best place for studying is a place free from distraction. A lot of people tend to be afraid of libraries because the silence can get overwhelming but the reality of it is, a quiet room is the best place to learn.

When studying, it is also best to keep all electronic gadgets out of reach. You may say, I need my mobile phone to do some math calculations or I need my laptop to do research but that can easily lead to browsing social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. We all know that a minute on Facebook can turn into an hour.

Getting rid of clutter is also ideal. Your mind can have a hard time focusing on the task at hand if there are so many books and papers around you. Have only the things you need on your desk, everything else has to go.

Go for the Gold

There are ways to study for an exam but the most important one is to set your goals high. Aiming for a passing grade and aiming for a high grade are two very different things. Motivating yourself by promising a reward for the work will get you going. If you aim for higher test scores then you will likely want to study more.

Make a review sheet. Have a time where you will only focus on writing a detailed review sheet with all of the important notes you'll likely find on the test. Having a review sheet is convenient because you can easily take it out any time. Much better than carrying heavy books around.

Have a routine. Set a time for studying and stick to it. For example, study for 2 straight hours in the morning, then stop. Have a timer so that you will not forget. Studies have shown that if you study in short intervals, your memory will be better.

If you find yourself stuck in one page or paragraph of a book for a long time, stop and do something else. Forcing yourself will not help. Stand up and walk to clear your head or grab something to eat. Food affects your thinking. If you are too hungry or too full, you will likely not be able to concentrate on studying. Choose food that is filled with vitamins and minerals. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate yourself. When your body is dehydrated, the brain becomes stressed, making it less capable of retaining information.

Make sure that you're comfortable. Your chair must be super comfortable. Having back pains from sitting for too long will distract you from studying. Avoid studying in bed as it might tempt you to sleep.

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