Electric Fisker Emotion and 10 Ultra-Futuristic Cars that Should Be Made

One of the latest car reveals that shook the automotive world, was the Fisker e-Motion that came in hot to the 2018 at the CES autoshow, to compete against other premium electric sedans like Tesla Model S and the upcoming Lucid Air. But, even though Emotion brings with it incredible fast charging technology, it is not the only futuristic newcomer to the world of EVs. In this episode we gathered the latest updates from the official news and rumors about electric cars that will be shaping up the way our roads look like in the next couple of years. So if highly advanced vehicles and out of this world concepts make your heart pace, stay with us a little longer. Before we begin, make sure that you are subscribed to our channel, we’ve got lots of automotive content in store for just you!


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  1. Can these future cars rival Tesla and the likes? Share with us in the comments below.
    If you want to find out which cars were featured in this video, follow the links:
    Fisker E-motion: goo.gl/FWFrRW
    Nissan IMx: goo.gl/MW1t7J
    Honda Sports EV: goo.gl/QCS4Tw
    Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell: goo.gl/1QyJHN
    Mitsubishi e-Evolution: goo.gl/jZDmBi
    Byton: goo.gl/kjZ78o
    Audi Elaine: goo.gl/hQpKhj
    Xing Miss Е: goo.gl/ShpMJY
    Chevy FNR-X concept: goo.gl/ni9JN6
    Aston Martin RapidE 2019: goo.gl/gZMfDh

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