The Next iPhone Will Be HUGE!

The next iPhone for 2018 is on it’s way. Will it be called the iPhone X Plus, iPhone 11 or something else. At this point it looks like Apple will offer three different …


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  1. I wish they released the X and this so called XL Plus last year. I love big screen phones and would have easily picked up the bigger one. I can’t justify now buying a bigger version of an X when I already have an X. Just no point now

  2. I m so hyped to see Iphone x plus but beside that also looking for how apple would update their iphoneX model in lcd screen with single camera lens and other features they would cut- out or stay with same.
    so more of the buyers can afford that.

  3. Easily the absolute biggest iPhone display possible is what I'd go for, IOS was garbage on the old 4" display and it got so much better when the screen grew to 4.7" and was the best on the 5.5" plus displays so a 6.5" display will make it an amazing device.

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