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  1. Good updates! Yeah, a little more ICO regulation so good projects like fr8network, GAMB, and Muirfield IP propser instead of Trumpcoin or any other ludicrous ico.

  2. I've dumped everything now.
    If we all dump together I think wall street will be happy with us and gives them a lower entry point so we all can rebuy in a lower price together.

  3. Thanks Chris. Another quality update. I agree with the sentiment that once regulation is sorted the big investments will come. I am using this period to continue to add to my portfolio.

  4. That Vertcoin image in your thumbnail brought back memories. I forgot about that coin. I mined a bunch. Dumped it around $8 I think.

  5. We are definately still very early into this game. In my country people have heard of crypto but barely anyone invests in it yet.

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