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  1. "It´s an evil world, but it´s also a good looking one" Like women!
    The female villains are often the hottest ladies in a franchise XD

  2. I wish reviewers would drop the number system. this dudes review was totally incongruous with a 8.3, he had essentially no complaints. why is that

  3. 0:50 "it's a brand of evil that feels real" but it's a video game, I don't want it to feel real, I want it to be fun. Realism almost always makes a game less fun.

  4. Obsidian's been doing pretty well from the looks of things. It'd be nice to see them move towards working on bigger projects along the lines of Bioware and Bethesda with the momentum they've gained recently.

  5. I never got the appeal of this kind of game. I played Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale back in the day and found them profoundly boring, with the former being particularly listless.

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