Hollow Nintendo Switch Review

Even horror fans will want to look away from Hollow, but not because this first person horror game is scary….


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  1. I just bought this game for $5 from the eShop. I used my Gold Coins so I got it for free which is nice.

    I am about 10 minutes in and it’s pretty cool so far. Not amazing or anything but pretty neat. I really like the gritty look to the game. So far I am enjoying it. I defiantly wouldn’t pay over $5 for it.

  2. 3.5 / 10 is too generous for this pile of crap! I picked it up for 5 GBP thinking I'd get a good night's worth of scares considering the price, but it's unplayable. The fact that you managed to play through the game is a testament to your mental fortitude!

  3. The nude pictures are somewhat reasonable because it's similar to soldiers who are away from their female partners for long periods.

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