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Which altcoins am I buying right now? CryptoCurrency altcoins to watch! Crypto market news and analysis.
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  1. Hi Zach, great info and interaction from your self I follow avidly and appreciate the advice. Could you please talk about Storiqa STQ in one of your upcoming vids? Cheers and keep it real ?? LZGbTmAHfZxAn6tf5KVyD1qD9R3UY772Sx

  2. Hey zack. Love the content as always. Grab yourself some… CREDITS. SRN. NEO. ONT. NANO. WAN. ADA. GVT. ZEBI??

    LTC; LfUdaRpDF6JuXywJvef3tpN9Trd9zQsGMW

  3. Thanks for the info Zach! I’ve been stocking up on Dropil. Still a a great price and I’ve been getting 8% payouts monthly during this bear market.

  4. I havent bought any Eth. Classic, but I am planning on buying some. I am buying more GLDR today, I believe this will be a great gaming token. Wll also start to buy some BNB soon. But i like my KCS shares too.
    LTC: LLc4dCHbYjFw2QFvLzJ9H7j4aRVa8PU1Zw

  5. Yeah, back in the studio! At what point does a coin with a mainnet launch start taking off?


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