Blackberry KEYOne: 2017 Comeback?

Can a new Blackberry actually hang in 2017? You have to want it! Blackberry KEYOne: Video Gear I use: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Personally I would never buy a phone with a keyboard like that, there is a reason why software keyboards killed physical keyboards on phones

  2. I love this phone. always loved the physical keyboard and have had a couple blackberrys and always for he keyboard lol. Im a fast typer and the touch screeb gets in my way haha. Getting this phone.

  3. I was actually looking for your review on the Keyone in lieu of soon to be released Blackberry Key2. I like how you as usual kept the review objective. Blackberry has an amazing os in combination with android and now that people are jaded by most phones looking alike I think people will see this.

  4. what is model of you PC screen? I working with dual screen setup as far i remember, now 2x 22". Do you think is it worth to change it for 36-40 "curved? i like your screen because it's almost borderless

  5. I think blackberry's target market are the high profile business people… not the common ones… like me who just want to use my phone for social media and games; i just noticed it when i assisted a business meeting, "their blackberry" is really like part of their life…

  6. Best phone on the market for adults, and business minded folks and work thanks blackberry. I will be upgraded from my passport which is also a great device

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