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  1. This review is terrible. The writer gave me no information I couldn't have gotten out of reading the back of the box. Im not talking about the score, it's just poorly written and lacks any sort of depth.

  2. Dont really like the game at all. Story, plotline, ending it just meh (especially the ending hate it). Hope this game is just a joke and they make real DANGANRONPA game.

  3. I literally just watched the anime and I can't possibly imagine this is a fun game. Not saying the anime is bad, buuuuut I just can't picture this as a good game foundation.

  4. Was this a review or a summary? I can't tell…
    Anyways. After being spoiled for almost everything in this game a year before the official English release, I can't help but feel disappointment. Personally, I don't feel like this game deserves an 8.0. And this is coming from a DR fan that got into this franchise in 2013.
    Among other things, I felt like the twists were contrived. After the big one in the beginning, it gave me an impression of how the other twists were gonna go. And it wasn't positive.
    Don't read after this line if you don't want spoilers and/or you don't want to hear me complain.

    The deaths didn't surprise me. Aside from Chapter 1, the killing formula was almost the same and didn't really add anything 'new', which was one of my biggest hopes for this game. Then again, I was one of those people who overanalyzed the killing order of the first two games, so this prooooobably isn't something a lot of people have noticed.
    The characters were also very… eh. The only character I technically like is Miu, and she's not even supposed to be likable. I felt like Ouma was a rehash of Komaeda in a way, but in the form of a whiny child. And I hate Komaeda.
    My biggest issue in terms of characters is probably Shuichi. I found him extremely boring and even more spineless than Naegi. I know he gets development later on, but I really could care less.
    The mastermind was out of the blue and made no sense to me. They were executed very poorly and they literally did not intimidate me whatsoever, unlike Junko.
    Yes, I am one of those people who hated the outcome of the first chapter. I was surprised that it happened, but nevertheless, I felt that it was a twist to just mess with the audience. So basically- I felt trolled.
    There are some game mechanics that were added in that were just weird, like that dungeon crawler minigame thing. These felt awkward to me, and I didn't enjoy them. But they weren't really my big issue.

    ANYWAYS, I rambled on for far too long and I should stop. This is all surface level stuff but its the stuff that bothers me the most.

  5. Soooooo just gonna point out, this video has visual SPOILERS. Like, why would you do that? I just pray they were from only the beginning of the game. Really bad footage used.

  6. Picked up Danganronpa 1•2 Reload, along with the spinoff, Ultra Despair Girls on a PSN sale and it's great! Great story with interesting characters. So far, I finished the first and currently, in the second game and I'm really into it! Just found out V3 was a thing last week and I do want it but I honestly didn't expect it to be a full $60 game. With games like The Evil Within 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, I'm going to be busy and so will my wallet. I think I'll wait for a price drop on this.

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