How To Play Nintendo Switch Games In Virtual Reality

In this guide, I show you how to play Nintendo Switch games in Virtual Reality using Oculus Rift and Bigscreen… Fyoung Travel Dock (affiliate link) UK …


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  1. What's a Hache DMI? 😀

    How do you find the responsiveness? Any game i play (from my pc) on bigscreen, I find the delay a bit jarring, regardless of how much I push the res.

  2. Wow, Mike. So cool! VR of you, watching 'you', playing YOU on a screen! BigScreenVR says remote play can technically accomplish the same thing (on a PS4). Maybe someone with a powerful PC can give it a go?

  3. Big problem, I duno if your capture devic eis better or something. I have Elgato HD 60 but it has about 2 seconds latency and makes it 100% unplayable. Is a feature of the S model the low latency preview pane?

  4. If VR's resolution wasnt so bad this would probably be cool. I have tried watching movies in VR and they just look bad. When we get to 4K and or 8K displays this should be cool. I got a projector till then.

  5. This is a bit useless when you jist can play it on the switch screen, using bigscreen does not make it 3D in the headset…

  6. First, and also (by the time I write this may not be first) I love your channel and what you do I love your videos they are so cool only if I had a rift or MR headset I got PSVR but I am still happy I will forever love your channel!,bye

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