What If You Could Hear What Others Are Hearing?

Wearhaus Arc Headphones (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2mcb9gM Wearhaus Arc Headphones (International) – http://geni.us/hM3M These wireless bluetooth …


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  1. Someone here got them and can tell me how to sound is? Got only bad experience with wireless headphones so far…

  2. So you will need to buy an extra set to share for a song or two. Because what are the changes anyone will be sporting the same headphones, until this feather becomes standard for all headphones.

  3. dont buy these, theyre absolute garbage, the lights are poor quality, the sound output is basically non exsistant, and my headband cracked after barely taking them off my head.

  4. Used these in a recording workshop, everybody in the class got one so we could listen to the music and follow it without the music being recorded

  5. After watching this a while back, I bought and recommended this to my colleagues(we ordered three), they took some time to arrive and when they finally arrived, I felt cheated about the build quality. It's all plastic, it doesn't feel nor look premium as it looks in videos and pictures that I interacted with before the purchase. The sound quality is not that bad but the build quality is so shocking that any gains cannot offset it(It looks like they used a 3d-printed or something). 🙁

  6. Hi new to unbox started watching a few days ago and now watch all I can. And even use your info to pick out things to buy or save to my wish list on Amazon. Not sure how far behind I am in the videos but love the entertainment facter and the advice given keep up the great work and thx

  7. At burning man 53 of us had headphone like that and we danced around to the music. We all where listening to the same songs, and there was a guy telling us what dance moves to do through a microphone, which everyone wearing the headphones could here.

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