Will Bitcoin’s Bounce Gather Momentum or Run Out of Steam?

Bitcoin has seen a nice bounce to the averages. But will this move have more energy or “juice”? or is this it? We look at the facts.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


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  4. Your videos are simple and to the point, something that's BADLY needed for YouTube TA videos… You're not advertising a paid class 3x before the video gets through either. Wish the other analysts weren't constantly going on convoluted goose chases like they usually tend to do.

  5. it bounced above $4000 , now its jizzled out – $2800 the target??
    who knows?its fascinating ive learned so much about markets this year. just enough to be dangerous but not enough to be useful.
    thank you for honest and insightful analysis – especially when you admit you were wrong – that put you in a VERY small club.

  6. thanks for confirming my thoughts – it looks good on daily bars, but I too think it will need to test not only 3000 but the support created back between around June and August 2017 – around the 2500-ish level.
    merry xmas Alessio.
    stay warm.

  7. Totally off topic on BTC but have u noticed on generally that a lot of companies world wide are doing share buy backs or is it just me noticing things.

  8. Will Iran take over as biggest miners for bitcoin? 83 percent already mined. Difficulty changing in 500 days. Many selling miner machines as scrap metal. Average cost to.mine btc approximately @ .05 kWh electric is around 3600 usd. Where can I find cheap power? Quebec Canada

  9. Just like you Alessio I don't know what's going to happen. However looking at the charts I see a move up to 38.2 at 4470 and from there the market will tell us what it wants to do. I believe this will turn into wave 4 and as it moves up to 61.8 to 78.6 level to suck in all the weak hands and put a hammer on them. I accept the fact that we could be both wrong.

  10. There is plenty of reasons that btc is in web 4, no1 btc price is below mining cost, coz if it continue to go below or stay the same price then whole crypto market will collapse so it wont happen 99%, no 2 stock market sentiment for uncertainty and crash signals may divert investors to crypto space, no 3 crypto and blockchain has done lots of progress, develop and adoption in daily life and corporate sector compare to last year, thx

  11. Shouldn't we consider why it has bounced to reach a conclusion?
    Is the drop in stocks not related with people getting out of stock and moving into Bitcoin. If so, does it not depend on that factor. Gold is also very strong and 'bouncing'. If Cryptos are now seen in the same way as Gold and Silver then the rally could be sustained.

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