$60,000 Bitcoin, Crypto Regrets & PundiX, Nuls Updates – BTC & Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news – TenX founder sees Bitcoin going 10x, South African crypto regrets, Bitcoin art, Ledger, PundiX, Nuls, and much more.

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South Africa Crypto Regret

‘I Wish I’d Invested In Cryptocurrency,’ Say 38 Percent Of South Africans

$60,000 Bitcoin

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Says Sales Jumped 427% After Accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hundreds of Altcoins

Art Collection
The Private Library Collection, #1's

World Running out of Gold

US Lawmakers


Ripple India



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  1. Interesting about the running out of gold i also invest on the stock market and have a few gold miners in Western Australia.One in recent drill samples has found bonanza grades of gold and has a market cap of only £43 million,also have one with a market cap of a very undervalued £6 million and results from latest drilling strikes gold in 13 holes out of 14 drilled.
    Any one interested just ask but please DYOR.
    Oh and thanks for the great work again Mr Davis keeping me a believer.

  2. Great video as always, Lark!
    Keeping up the good work, I really enjoy your news updates. Please put me in for the hardware wallet! 🙂

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  4. Mr.Julian Hosp is a hypocrite ..I think it's better if he concentrated more on his fraudulent project..or at least reimburse the $!5 paid for the cards that were never delivered.

  5. Great show again today and it’s great to hear a crypto you tuber actually covering the biggest and most advanced crypto in the space, namely Bitcoin . Definitely in for the wallet comp too ??

  6. Hey Lark Thanks for all the great work you put in mate. Its great to see your channel growing one of the best out there , you and Keith Waering my top 2 maybe you guys can do a live stream together. Im in for the wallet mate.

  7. Congrats on the year of vids Lark. I've really enjoyed regular news + the general positive vibes. I'll put my hand up for the wallet for sure.

  8. KIA KAHA ….Kiwi's are heading to the moon before everyone else….I'm in it for the wallet( not the money)..:)

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