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  1. So that's what her name is. I went to Distant Worlds last Saturday and they performed a few FF8 tracks like Eyes On Me. I've not kept up with the Dissidia franchise since Duodecim. So VIII has had a total of four playable characters? Squall, Ultimecia, Laguna and now Rinoa.

    I think series with just two characters need more.

  2. They f*ked up when they tried to make Dissidia an arcade game for consoles. Bring back old school Dissidia. (Even though Exdeath and Golbez were extremely op in the previous titles)

  3. I would totally care if they wouldn't of abandoned a Story mode 🙁 Whats any FF game with out a story, come on Square Enix!

  4. Won't be enough to bring new players in once they realize how chaotic 3v3 is. However it will probably get players to start playing again after putting it down for other games.

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