Instantly Transfer Money for FREE! – Transfer CryptoCurrency – Nexty Blockchain Platform Review

Instantly transfer money for FREE with cryptocurrency transfers through Nexty a new Crypto ICO Review!
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  1. Thanks for the great channel and deep dive today. Enjoyed the deep dive and person delivering the information today.


  2. You guys are a great team! Zach, Max, and welcome Megan!
    Binance supports $NPXS airdrop so you can leave them there!

  3. Interesting ico. But they need to update the site for sure. Road map needs something put in there and the white paper is pretty plan.


  4. Who can turn down free? Nexty sounds like a good project. Going to give it a deeper look after the video. Thanks CCN
    LTC: LbeAayuCRQaA6qyDtBFYQ7hwkrRa1h7fih

  5. Most people are not going to be using Wi-Fi they're going to be using their data plan I would like to see how that would work PS what happened to one full a ltc LUW3mA6Pp6bvL2jYDbymwxPzyc98X8KsYe

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