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  1. First one was straight up UE4 asset flip, this one is improved but still feels like unfinishe, damage models/physics are still awful.

  2. Watching this review and the childlike sensational excitement of the reviewer for what clearly looks like a mediocre POS reminds me how I may just be getting too old for games……….next

  3. What a joke 8.2 for garbage. Are you drunken?
    Its a very cheap simple game its more like a smartphone game.
    You want burnout? This game is not a burnout, it looks like a burnout but plays like a very cheap copy.

    And ign 8.2 is ridiculous! A 6.0 is to high for this game, becouse nfs has 5,9! This game is not near the level of nfs!
    Burnout Paradise Remaster has only a 8.4 and you tell us this game is near burnout? Its ridiculous that this game has more than a 5.0.

  4. Plenty of these in Russia. You only need to look here on YouTube to find Russians destroying cars at break-neck speeds – on REAL roads, with REAL people, with REAL fatalities. Scary.

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