[Virtual Reality] VRTrapman & Ashunera figuring out how to work guns … (Pavlov VR funny moments)

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  1. I tried some Pavlov VR with VRTrapman & Oathmeal!! Sadly Oath had to leave us pretty soon, so its just us two fooling around!! Game is super fun! Love to play some more in the future ~

  2. I was expecting Ashu to be the one with the most kills, instead I got a yandere having trouble on reloading and taking mags out. This seems like a fun game but I do wonder, on the guns that you have to pull for the reload to work, couldn't you use your right hand to do it or are the guns like that? Well, if there is more of this type of videos, I do wonder if Ashu will be the type of person to shoot most of the time or shoot and stab someone. I'm rather curious~

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