Naming the new iPhone X? Ask MKBHD V30!

Unboxing an iBook with iJustine: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. hey marques i love y'all but your t-shirt really triggers me the way the rainbow thingy is all tangled up but just mildly infuriating

  2. Marques, you said it wrong. Two bigger iPhone(s) won't have oled. It's the biggest one 6.5" iPhone 11+, and the smallest one 5.8" iPhone 11. The 6.1" iPhone 9 will have LCD display.

  3. I hear the iPhone's gonna skip the number next gen, and its gonna be just "iPhone"
    That sounds incredibly confusing but its just the sort of pretentious thing apple would do

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